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We can’t call a place home until we’ve made it our own— added our touches—made it comfortable—made it functional—put out a few plants, some art, a fish, maybe a rug. Then we stand back, arms akimbo, proud, ready to invite friends and family over. Then we call it home.

This is our home.

All of it. Portland. And the Rose Quarter falls under our home duties. We’re responsible for adding our touches to it and making it comfortable for ourselves and anyone who may join us for dinner. And as good homeowners with ninety acres of to-do-lists to tackle, we look at the Rose Quarter and ask ourselves the most difficult question-where should we start?

Intimidating isn’t big enough of a word. There’s about 150 years of history is the Rose Quarter part of town and our job is to pay respect to it by creating an inclusive, affordable, vibrant, welcoming part of our home: welcoming parks, inclusive schools, vibrant churches, affordable housing, connecting with the river and reconnecting with a part of our home that is overdue for some love and attention, jeez, it’s a lot of work.

But this is our home, right?

Right, and while we’re at it, we’ll restore its identity and call it by its name—