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Throughout the history of Portland, the area now known as the Rose Quarter has seen significant transformation. These drastic changes, while beneficial to specific uses and groups, have often carried significant consequences including decades of displacement - the uprooting of thousands of residents. Today the Rose Quarter serves as an efficient events district, absorbing and releasing large surges of visitors. However, during nonevent days and times, the district is vacant — an uninhabitable island within the city.

The Rose Quarter is one of the highest opportunity districts in the rapidly growing core of Portland. Its position on the Willamette River provides incredible views of downtown. Additionally, the district has robust public transit service, convenient regional infrastructure connectivity and has the potential to reconnect to adjacent neighborhoods, centers of activity and new development in the core of the city. The Albina Vision is not prescriptive, but rather a framework to foster the growth of a diverse, sustainable, urban district - on par with great neighborhoods of the world.

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